Moxibustion (Moxa) is a technique where herbal compounds, usually small cones of Mugwort herb (Artemisia Vulgaris), are burned directly on the skin, close to the skin or on an acupuncture needle. When lit, Moxa burns slowly and provides a penetrating heat that can enter the Meridians to influence the flow of Blood and Qi (energy).

Mugwort herbs are burnt indirectly, using long sticks held close to the acupuncture point on the skin or made into small cones placed on an acupuncture needle or directly on the skin. Mugwort is a strong blood-moving herb and has the property to warm the body and can benefit many different health conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moxa can be very helpful in treating muscular, soft tissue and/or joint problems which become worse in cold weather or in cold environments.

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